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Ghost Mannequin Services

Eurosia expertly offers neck joint services for mannequin removal, ghost mannequin, neck joint services utilizing specialists in graphic design. Our neck joint services have been utilized broadly by store chains, manufactures, online retailers, stock photography organizations and online storekeepers, web-based business retailers and online product dealers and affiliate marketers.


The regular shadow, We are mastery on articulating or including the Neck part of any picture by keeping up the consistency of the plan; shapes, sizes and tones with wear and tear. We measure the progression of plans and the state of necks and afterwards yield the last picture as indicated by the ordinary measurements that should be. The complete exactness on each picture neck joint is guaranteed by our expert picture editing group.

At the point when photographers take photographs of fabric wearing it on a mannequin, around then the internal side of the material stays inconspicuous. If the product internal part should be obvious and to remove the mannequin from the picture they do take another photograph of the product’s inward side. That time neck joint or apparition mannequin’s services are significant. Eurosia is the best neck joint or a phantom mannequin’s specialist organization. You can check our quality in neck joint or phantom mannequin administration by taking a free preliminary.

What is Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services?

Ghost Mannequin services is one of the ideal answers for concealing the mannequin from the dress photographs. It is in some cases called a phantom mannequin or imperceptible doll mannequin. In any case, the name relies upon the countrywide. If you are an online dress retailer or vendor, at that point you have to have attractive and wonderful filling dress photographs on your site or web-based media to get significant customers. 

For snapping your dress photographs with wonderful fitting then you should put your dress on a plastic doll or mannequin. After taking the photographs you have to remove the external doll parts. With the goal that only dress photos can go to the site. While you will cut the obvious doll part your dress neck will be cut. At that point at last you have to join the back aspect of the background part. That is called neck joint assistance.

What is Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services?

Before After

Complete Packshot Ghost Mannequin Services:

If you want to use complete images or Rich Media for e-commerce websites or animation on Packshot photos, send them to us, your photo in various angles, and also join the lost parts (top, neck, sleeves, bottom). However, we can Pack shot Retouch without the back parts too.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

The Photoshop impact is applied to the long tailpiece of clothing. A few things may have the back part longer than the forward portion viz Composer Tuxedo. Removing the mannequin from such a product, the photo proofreader needs to join the base piece of Photoshop.

Before After


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

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Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Removing mannequins from a dress makes a clear region at the neck. We join the rear of the neck and the forward portions’ photographs to make a full shape and give an authentic phantom mannequin impact. Case of items: Shirts, Pants, coat, underwear, and so on

Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

This service is expected to remove the mannequin from the empty part of the sleeves and give a phantom impact. The long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, coats, and so forth At that point need the empty impact to make a 3D shape. Later the neck joint specialists remove this mannequin and top off the clear spot joining sleeves.

Before After

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service:

If you are an online seller of clothing product dealers or style dress vendors, at that point you should have neck joint service to make your product photos more alluring and snappy. No one jumps at the chance to show the dress photos with dolls or mannequins. That is the reason storekeepers make their dress photos wonderful by neck joint assistance to expand their product deals. 

For dress photographers or eCommerce photographers neck joint service or cycle is exceptionally normal. Since they need this apparition mannequin service consistently for making their photographs wonderful to use on the site. For such a photographer, we are the ideal arrangement. Our designers consistently remember the clients’ requests and prerequisites. Our current clients are content with us and in our work. 

If you need to pass an opinion on our excessively quality work, at that point we are prescribing you to utilize our free preliminary help first. At that point, you will choose why we are not the same as the wide range of various organizations.

Why is it important?

Ghost mannequin services require specific abilities as one requires working over the advancement in shading just as contrasts of pictures. Besides, it requires supplanting remains which feel like blurred. The experts are aware of this detail of how to combine abilities just as innovation together to come out with an incomparable greatness product. 

Perusing the net in an orderly way, you would find an expansive arrangement of picture editing tools available anyway a specialist realizes how to do basic changes with it, in any case, a specialist goes inside the tool just as assemble as much information as possible and utilizations those principle highlights of tools, make a point to change a basic picture into an outright digitized one.

Eurosia experts are well aware of the stuff which requires refinement like shading amendment, how much force needs to be improved, contrast modification, honing, reclamation just as cloning. Besides, how much blaze, just as backdrop illumination impact, need to be added, how the shadow could be changed. 

We add select stickers just as shapes to your photos just as to make them delightful. Experts can change a background picture into a clean digitized 3D looking one. Advanced editing program open with this master tries to introduce people to each one of that undetectable mannequin photography which is important to reestablish and edit symbolism to its colossal degree.

Garments Industry

If you belong to the clothing sector, you have to take the ghost mannequin.

E-commerce Business

If you are working in an e-commerce business, you need to maintain lots of photo edits every day. Then you have to take ghost mannequin services.

Photo Editing Agency

Various photo editing companies take this service regularly. Our ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint service has a very good reputation.

Professional Photographers

Professional photographers need neck joint or mannequin services because of photos for commercial uses.


All kinds of professionals and personal uses with photos can take ghost mannequin effect service to boost their works and get quality work

Why is it important?

How has Ghost Mannequin Done?

The ghost mannequin impact or neck joint is made by taking two pictures, one of the garments of the mannequin, and another without the mannequin so within the name is noticeable. At that point, the two pictures are fixed together at the neck using clipping path benefits in this manner making the dream of the ghost mannequin. Additionally, the shading and splendour of the picture are changed and wrinkles are digitized to make the product look all the more speaking to their targeted customers. Colour correction is likewise utilized so you don’t need to grandstand various tones with various pictures, you can change the shading on a single picture, which will spare you the time and exertion.


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

Eurosia Work Process:

Step 1: Photo Clipping Path

A base background is an essential prerequisite for clear mannequin impact. Your photo background can control pointless realities that ought to be taken out by photo background removal. Behind photographs or inside undesired subtleties should dispose of.

Step 2: Remove Ghost from the photo

After clipping your photos proficiently remove the ghost or dummy from the photo. Killing the entirety of the background and mannequins, channel the picture filter a little to the edges. It assists in making the impact a fine and new look. 

To make the mannequin manipulation stick out, channel the edges more than once. Double-check the channel edges and ensure that everything is in the position.

Step 3: Neck joint

As you have made a few efforts of the photos, the time has come to utilize them now. Utilize the without mannequin photo and cut the neck. Add the neck to the sifted edge picture. Fix the blunder of coordinating and alter like connections precisely.

Step 4: Shadow to the neck portion

To make the ghost impact reasonable, add shadow to the collar divide. It is a significant advance to produce results precisely. It is advantageous to come into your pictures in a 3D see. The shadow underneath the collar area keeps the neck area triangle between the shoulders.

Step 5: Final retouching

At last, you have done your whole shop mannequin, survey your work cautiously. Completing the process of retouching will incorporate an assessment of your work. Check the darkness, point, shadow, and substitution of your photographs. 

Different terms typically utilized: ghost mannequin impact, straightforward mannequin, product photography mannequin, shirt mannequin, imperceptible mannequin photography, clear mannequin, dress structure mannequin, fashion plan mannequin, and design mannequin. 

We are providing the best for ghost mannequin/Neck Joint Services:

We are providing the best that has gained a reputation for giving awesome service, great neck joint service at a reasonable cost. Our Expert and well-talented editors realize how to execute the best cycle to make the best result. We are an expert in one ghost mannequin service. In this way, You picked us for your ghost mannequin effect.

We will keep the ideal edge and state of your dress outline. If you need any exceptional size for your garments of clothing, at that point we will give it to the best neck joint service. Our editors effectively can guess what the client might be thinking about what they need us to do. Our neck joint help will appear to be completely normal and not artificial.

Since we will scale the back part cautiously and place it in the correct spot. From that point onward, we will edit the joint part. At last, we will add some common shadows at the joining point. That will make the join proficient and characteristic. We trust that our clients will pass on us with a free trial. We offer the best support at a moderate expense than every other company.

Here at Eurosia, we take your work with high need, paying priority to your request size and service of every one of our requests utilizing our expert plan group to get the best result utilizing the best editing programming innovation accessible today.

Our expert team is dedicated to committing your satisfaction within-