How to Scratch Image in Photoshop

In business photography, a scratch is caused for panic and reshooting in the past, but in graphics software like photoshop, scratch is used for other purposes. Scratch can be used to create backgrounds, distress text, or add a subtle texture to an element in design. It is very simple to add a texture and scratch using photoshop brushes. You can use photoshop to create a scratch image and scratched design such as scratched car design. In this article, I will show how you can create a scratched design using photoshop.

Get Start:

First of all, you need a photo of a scratched surface. Various types of metal and plastic surfaces can work very well. In this tutorial, I will be using something that contains everyone’s house a cutting board. I’ll be using a photo of a red plastic cutting board that has a scratch and marks from knives. The surface is perfect for providing a grunge effect. If you are looking for a surface to use a cutting board or scratched pan is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can use an old plastic or metal surface to create a design that can be photographed.

Image adjustment:

In order to create a brush, we need to add a simple adjustment to the photo. First, you need to perfectly desaturate it to remove the color. Photoshop bruises are created without color, so it is the easiest way to preview the image in the same way that brush will be created. To adjust the image, you can follow this sequence Go To Image> Adjustment> Desaturate and it will be adjusted with desaturate.

The next thing you need to do is to invert the photo to exchange the dark and light areas. Follow these steps Go To Image> Adjustment> Invert. Next, you need to adjust its level to get a darker view. Follow these steps Go To Image> Adjustment> level to make it dark. The adjustment level varies from design to design. It depends on your purpose. You need to adjust the level of what your design exactly matches. For my image, I’m moving to dark gray levels right and center. Now I‘ll make another adjustment that sharpens the image. Following these steps go to Filter> sharpen> sharpen. The result is your image will be slightly sharpened.

Creating the brush:

Now you need to create the brush. The photo I’m use o is 3000 by 2000 pixels you can choose an image depending on your camera and setting. I recommended your camera setting as high as possible megapixel setting that offers. You can also reduce your image size, but if you enlarge your image it can be a low-quality image.

Photoshop can be brushed up to 2500 px by 2500 px. I’m choose my photo from 1500 px to 1500 px that will be used for the brush. First of all, copy the image and pest into in new file. I will lose the part of the image that is on the edge of the photo, but in that case, my photo will be sharper in the center. To create the brush, go to the Edit> Define brush preset and give the file name. Finally, you can create a brush-to-scratch image in photoshop.

Final words:

For your different design purpose, you need to scratch your image. You can use photoshop to make a scratch on your image. Many young people like scratched design images. To scratch, an image simply needs to follow some steps, and finally, you can get a vintage scratch look. Also, you can add realistic scratches to get a brand new look.

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