We build whole motion related services that comprise a number of content kinds, such as interactive sites, infographics, and augmented reality experiences, as well as strategies. But it’s also because of our custom made animation services that we’ve earned a reputation as a motion graphics firm. Expert motion graphics designers are part of our Dhaka design agency’s team, and they are continuously pushing the limits of what we can produce for our clients. We’ve worked with a variety of businesses and charitable groups in a variety of industries to create unique motion graphics and animated movies to help them reach their objectives. On every platform, this content comes in a range of styles, durations, and forms to target the audiences that matter most. Learn more about how motion graphics work by looking through our portfolio. 

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is animation with a strong emphasis on text. It’s basically animated graphic design. Since the inception of motion graphics, there has been a discussion regarding where the boundary between them and complete animation should be drawn. Hitchcock’s Psycho’s opening credits are an early example of motion graphics, in which the union of sound, motion, and graphic design works extraordinarily well. 

Types of Motion Graphics and Animation Videos:

Motion graphics services are generally two types. One is 2D motion service and the other is called 3D. Here is a short glimpse of two types of motion. 

2D Motion Graphics:

2D motion Graphics animation films use simple shapes and snapshots to deliver a message. They often start with easy flat designs which can be then animated to create a motion snapshots video. 2D motion picture layout videos are quality for communicating easy, linear ideas, as used in explainer movies.

3D Motion Graphics: 

3D Graphics animation motion pictures are more complicated than 2D animation motion pictures. They require more technical expertise to create, in addition to greater time. They’re pleasant for conveying complex standards like how a chunk of machinery works. 3D motion graphics are more demanding than 2D motion graphics. 

Uses of Motion Graphics Design:

Eurosia Technologies, one of the industry’s leading motion graphics providers, offers a variety of motion design approaches. If you’re not sure if motion graphics animation videos are right for you, here are a few common scenarios where they work well. 

Brand Videos:

If you’ve got ever visible and lovely brand or brand movement design, what you noticed becomes an easy movement picture example. Branding is a tremendous use case due to the fact movement pictures and movies provide a clear, colorful, and remarkably visible experience.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos explain a short story in depth. Explainer motion pictures and education motion pictures depend upon pictures and phrases to give an explanation for a concept or concept. Motion pictures animation motion pictures paintings properly in this example due to the fact they are able to offer step by step commands in a clean and visually-attractive way.


Creative movement snap shots may be used to inform a tale. For example, movement snap shots may be used to inform the records of the auto or the airplane. Combining phrases and snapshots, movement snapshots films are an effective storytelling medium. A movement clothier allows you to inform your tale with an interesting movement layout video. 

Concept Breakdown:

Some complex concepts, such as how an invention works, are difficult to explain in words. In such cases, motion graphics videos, whether 2D or 3D, can create a visual wealth of  information  that, when combined, clearly articulates the complex concept. 

Product Videos:

When you are a product marketer you need to show your product better than others. Using digital motion graphics,  a product can be explained quickly, giving the user  a visual idea of how the product works and how it can be used. A well-designed marketing video can help increase conversions and increase sales.

Data Visualization:

When data is complicated or dense, making an attempt to use words alone will prove futile. That’s why motion style videos work therefore well in transferring data – they capture the ideas behind the info through visually partaking graphics and words.

How to make Motion Graphics Videos:

Motion graphics videos may be straightforward to produce or very complicated betting on the sort of video you’re making an attempt to make. Unlike whiteboard animation, motion graphics have a great deal a lot of moving elements. It all depends on what message or idea you’re conveying. If you’d wish to create a motion style video, you’ll have to be compelled to follow the subsequent steps: 

Create the Graphics:

You can use gear like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create the pix you need to use. For an easy 2D movement pix animation video, that is all you may need. More complicated three-D motion pictures would require three-D modeling and animation, which calls for a specific ability set altogether.

Animate the Graphics:

Next, you may want to animate the graphics. A movement photograph fashion dressmaker can effortlessly create easy animations to demonstrate an idea or carry your message. The most famous software program to do that is Adobe After Effects, which gives 2D animation effects. Animation represents the majority of the paintings however isn’t always the very last step.

Compilation and Voice Over:

Here, you may want to mix all of your lively pics and edit them to make a fluid animation. You will even want to feature voiceovers (optional). For this, you could use software programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, or Final Cut Pro. 

Motion Graphics Studio:

Eurosia Technologies is one of the top notch motion graphics agencies in bangladesh. Based out of Dhaka and the UK, we assist groups discover innovative approaches to apply lively pictures to supply compelling video content. Making a movement pictures animation video may be challenging; this is why maximum groups pick out paintings with a movement pictures studio like Eurosia technologies. But what makes the high-quality movement pictures animation fashion dressmaker company? From our experience, that is what you must appearance for:  

Production Skills:

Not all movement pictures animation video corporations have a professional movement pictures artist. The excellent movement pictures corporations have robust innovative and layout skills, which can be vital to creating top movement pictures videos.

Production Tools:

Creating motion graphics videos requires special tools and equipment. Leading motion graphics companies use the best tools on the market, including high-end computers and world-class software and editing tools.

Creativity and Experience:

Creativity is one of the best parts for motion graphics design. Creative design shows your goal and makes your motion attractive. In the end, the proof is in the pudding. The right motion graphics company can show you examples of what they have done in the past. If you love what you see, these are the motion design services to use. 

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Uses of Motion Design:

Motion design has a wide variety of works. Here are short descriptions about all types of motion design. 

Animated Explainer Video:

Animated explainer videos rely on graphics and words to explain an idea or concept. Animated motion graphics  videos work well here because they can provide step-by-step instructions in a clear and visually appealing way.


Creative motion graphics design with storytelling attracts your potential customer. Creative movement pictures may be used to inform a story. For example, movement layout may be used to inform the records of the car or the airplane. Combining phrases and pictures, movement pictures films are an effective storytelling medium. If you want an animation layout enterprise that may assist in conveying your thoughts to life, we`ll make it happen.

Concept Breakdown:

You can shorten your long video concept for easy doing. Some complicated concepts, consisting of how an invention works, are hard to provide an explanation for in phrases alone. In such cases, movement pix videos, whether or not 2D or 3D, can create a visible panoply of bite-sized statistics bits that, whilst combined, surely articulate the complicated concept.

Product Demo Videos:

When it comes to products, showing is better than telling. By using product demo videos,  a product can be explained quickly, giving the user  a visual idea of how the product works and how it can benefit them. 

Data Visualization:

If the data is complex or dense, trying to use only words may be useless. That’s why motion design videos are so good at communicating data: they capture the concepts behind the data through visually appealing graphics and words.

Motion Graphics Design Service Cost:

How much will motion graphics designer services value? Our motion graphics prices are displayed and support the scope of labor and elegance you wish. The ultimate cost of production depends on the message you wish to convey, length of video, and whether or not it’s a second or 3D motion graphics video. So, however, are you able to make sure you choose the correct message, length, and type? selecting a motion graphics studio to figure with isn’t easy, however we’ve got the talents and knowledge you need to assist you succeed. The  simplest approach is to schedule a free consultation with us. With our years of experience, we are able to assist you brainstorm ideas for the video and use business benchmarks to select the correct length and elegance of video. Over many meetings, we will come back up with a quote for you that accommodates these factors.

Why should your company hire a motion graphics designer or design agency?

There are many good reasons to use a video or moving graphic for your business. About 87% of businesses use video in content marketing, which makes sense when you consider that this approach can help businesses increase their sales by 49% faster. However, motion graphics are also valuable as training tools and other internal collateral. About 90% of the new skills  employees learn in training are lost in the first year. But combining pictures with an oral presentation can improve memory.In one study, 3 days after receiving the information, listeners recalled 10% of the information from an oral presentation alone, compared to 65% of the information when the oral presentation was combined with images. Whether for internal or external use, the narrative power of  video is  undoubtedly a powerful way to get your message across. So what can you achieve with motion graphics?

  • To create brand awareness
  • Detailed a concept
  • Launch your organization, service or product
  • Train up your team
  • Drive potential customer to take action
  • Upgrade your home page
  • Increase social engagement and so on…

Final Steps:

Motion designs are an incredible choice with regards to passing on your message plainly, brightly, and notably. Motion Animation is a movement illustrations studio that offers inventive movement designs benefits that can catch your message plainly and actually. To figure out what movement designs video can emphatically mean for your business, plan a free conference with us today.